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The Golf Tavern
A vital part of golf history in Scotland, Bruntsfield Links lies in the grand shadows of Edinburgh Castle.

The oldest golf course in the world

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Golf at The Golf Tavern

Play the oldest short-hole golf course in the world - Bruntsfield Links

Course reopens April 2016

Today Bruntsfield Links remains one of Scotland's few free public golf courses. Looked after by the City Council's local green keeper it is a beautiful stretch of inner city parkland that also offers a rich and colourful history.

Golf clubs and balls can be hired from the Golf Tavern for visitors wishing to have a play on the oldest short-hole golf course in the world and experience this slice of golfing history for themselves.

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Course Rules of Play

  1. Playing each hole from the tee areas
  2. Replacing any displaced turf
    (divots, not just your own, all over the course, particularly the tee areas)
  3. Repairing golf ball plug marks on the putting greens
  4. Keeping a watchful eye open for anyone:
    a) causing wilful damage to the course
    b) damaging or stealing the flag pins
    c) not playing in accordance with the golf rules
    e.g. playing over paths, and to politely advise them accordingly

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Course